Friday, November 4, 2011

Thinking, wondering, expressing...

I've been thinking a lot lately about the past and how much I miss it.
Sure, the present and future has a lot to offer to me, but when I was younger, the world just seemed so carefree and wonderful. I didn't understand much but everything seemed to have a more better understanding the way how I used to think of it.

Now, since I am at an appropriate age to comprehend the outside world, it is all so confusing.
It just makes me wonder why did I want to grow up so fast at such a young age? Is it because of my sister and mother doing stuff I couldn't and I wanted to do those things, like shaving, PMSing, etc?

Also, me and my boyfriend have almost been going out for a whole two years with no fights, and I kind of miss the special feelings we used to get when we first met each other and the questions we used to ask each other but now since we know each other inside and out, it just seems like there's nothing knew.

I want to re spark our love again, but I don't know.
I wonder if he feels the same way, he just kind of goes with the flow now, I don't know.

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